If your pool has not been winterized, your equipment is above pool level, and your power is out, please follow the steps below to minimize negative effects on your pool.

  1. If you lose power or your pump is unable to circulate water, turn off all pumps at the power source.  This will ensure that nothing will kick on and damage the equipment when power comes back on.
  2. Remove the plugs from your filter and pumps. Most filters only have one cap or plug that needs to be removed.  Most pool pumps have two plugs. Booster pumps for cleaners will only have one plug that needs to be removed.
  3. If you have a heater, remove the plug from the heater and disconnect both sides of the unions to ensure all water has drained out.
  4. Disconnect the hoses for your chlorinator.
  5. Your skimmers will also need to be protected. If you have gizzmos, you will need to take out each skimmer basket and screw the gizzmo into the bottom of each skimmer.  If you do not have any gizzmos, you can use an empty milk jug or soda bottle (partially filled with rocks to weigh it down) that is fully expanded with air and tightly capped. Place one bottle in each skimmer basket upside down and put the skimmer lid back on. The gizzmo or bottle will force ice to put pressure on the gizzmo/air filled bottle, instead of creating a sheet that expands and cracks your skimmer.
  6. If your pump and filter are below pool water level, additional measures will need to be taken.